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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  February 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington ," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: breaking at 6:00 am a house up in flames. larry: roads are closed in northeast d.c. julie wright is checking the roads, but we get to veronica johnson fore-check of the forecast. veronica: we have dry pavement. yesterday, it was all about the wet pavement, not so much the icy conditions with the snow that was falling and melting on contact. there could be a few slick patches way to the north if you're heading up to pennsylvania, just over the line from the snow that hit yesterday. look
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are -- in the 20's this morning across the area. we will get up to about 40 degrees by the afternoon, but mostly dry pavement for today, especially with the wind. did a marvelous job yesterday of waking things away and trying things out. today the wind is not as strong, but it will still be a breezy, cold day. the windchill values throughout the day, 7:00 a.m., 17 to 23. we will be better at midday come at way five to 32, then it will feel like 30 to 35 degrees at 7:00 p.m. today will be the coldest out of the next five. your warmest -- sunday. we are tracking another weather system. we will take you hour-by-hour in show you the rain moving through our area, julie. northeastht now in washington, we have a portion of maryland avenue that is blocked off for a couple of blocks between 6th street and 8th street in northeast, maryland avenue closed because of the
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we will check in with john gonzalez momentarily yourself onto 70 coming out of germantown heading to the land of i come a 26-minute -- momentarily. southbound 270 coming out of germantown, heading to the divide, a 26-minute ride. a-minute ride on northbound i-95. right now, metro is behaving nicely. everybody on monday will want to use the yellow between franconia and greenbelt coming out of virginia. from maryland, you want to use these so line. the arlington cemetery station will be closed. that is our traffic watch. we are back in the next 10 minutes. we will update your right thing heading into the northeast. autria? autria: now we get to john gonzalez, who is live with the house fire. john? john: autria, this is a capitol hill neighborhood on the northeast
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dome. you can see all of the fire apparatus here on maryland avenue, the entire block closed off. this is the home it caught fire around 5:00 this morning. we understand that three people were inside the home. we want to show you a photo, age or matted photo, that was taken by somebody here with the fire department. this is what these firefighters encounter when they arrived. take a look at the flames shooting out of the front door of the home. we understand that one person was found on the front lawn, lying on the front lawn, in serious condition. they were rushed to the hospital. then a second person was found in the basement of the home. the third person was not but as, not transported, you come back to us live, you can see the first floor here, this is where it appears the fire started. it is gutted, and that fire quickly moving up to the second floor and then out the roof. when we
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smoke coming out of the roof of this home. they have been able to knock down most of this fire now, but now the next phase begins, try to figure out exactly what caused this fire that started shortly before 5:00 this morning. in the meantime, two people now in the hospital, both, we are told, in serious condition. that is the latest from capitol hill. john gonzalez, "good morning washington." autria: thanks, john cared we are following breaking news from prince william's county. jummy olabanji is live with this. jummy: yes. police are trying to track down who has gone missing. this is 15-year-old ciara adams. she has not been seen since 8:20 last night when she left her home in woodbridge. police say she did leave on her own, but she may be in need of an assistance, and for them, that is enough to qualify her as endangered. she was last seen
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maroon am black hoodie with black pants and black sneakers. if you see her, please contact police. autria: a new member of president donald trumps cabinet confirmed after you are sleeping. republicans put through the nomination of tom price, the president of the pic for health and human services secretary. the vote ended up 52-47. price has pushed to repeal obamacare, and that was one of the main reasons that republican senators supported him. larry: happening right now, education secretary at the devos -- betsy devos will visit a middle school in d.c. autria: she will meet students and parents and teachers with a message. sam: good morning. this comes one day after betsy devos visited howard university yesterday. today, she will be here at jefferson middle school in southwest washington and outside thwa
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plans to make their presence known. they're not calling this a protest but rather a vigil. they want betsy devos to know their stance. they want her to know they did not support her, but they want her to be successful because if she is successful, that all of the public schools and the students will be successful. the teachers union said they want betsy devos to know that they support free public schools and equal educational opportunities for all children. just be say it will not union members but parents, teachers, and other supporters of public school outside. again, they say it will be peaceful, and they will be here to welcome betsy devos to the school. reporting live in southwest, i am sam sweeney. back to you. larry: 6:06 now. authorities are trying to determine what made dozens of local elementary school students sick. 80 students and all worsen home from oak ridge elementary in arlington after the reported a severe stomach issue.
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close places, the norovirus, such as cruise ships and even schools. sanitize, keep everything clean, and keep his home when they are sick. it is hard. >> we got a note saying to wash your hands a lot. breakoute norovirus happened between april and november. anyone can get it from contaminated services, food, or even water. autria: a whole foods store in northwest d.c. shut down this morning. the health department ordered the store on wisconsin avenue and glover park to close because it failed to get rid of insects and rodents. no word on when the store will reopen. larry: a tragedy on the roads. the investigation going on in what officials say might have sent a truck careening off a bridge and have binge -- a virginia bridge. and we are telling you one
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veronica: another cold day for us. take a look at the winds. we go from wendy to breezy. to breezy. we bring the wind down to 15 for the afternoon and evening hours. our temperatures do not budget up above freezing until about 10:00, 11:00 this morning. some cloud cover, yes, we will have a bet between the afternoon hours, but at least we get above freezing today. degrees.ture above 40 more cloud cover for the afternoon, but it looks like it will stay dry. we are tracking rate for the weekend, a 50% chance on sunday. get a load of these temperatures -- 62 degrees on saturday, 67 on sunday -- well above average again. best chance of showers during the afternoon. we will have a look at hour-by-hour in your forecast coming up in 10, julie. julie: right now
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roads, not looking too bad, but the rails are having some problems this morning. heads up, metro commuters on the orange line, single tracking between cheverly and stadium are really because of -- arm really because of work outside of chevrolet. no service on the blue line. it will be completely shut down. keep that in mind for monday. coming out of virginia, stick with the yellow line. you want to use the silver line. arlington cemetery will be shut down, but they will provide free shuttle bus service to and from the pentagon. we will update the ride in northeast. autria come over to you. sight on terrifying the tarmac. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. lcome to 8 and a half maple reet. it'half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet,
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: 6:15, and we have breaking news from jfk airport. larry: let's get right to jummy olabanji at the live desk. what a wild night in new york. jummy: yes. investigators say a plane's engine
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getting ready for takeoff. take a look at this picture. it was snapped from a plane one runway over. a spokesman for the u.s. port authority said the pilot on the airlines flight 1301 reported fire late on thursday night while the plane was on the run with preparing for takeoff. no injuries being reported -- that is the good news. onwill keep an eye everything going on in new york and bring you updates as we learn more. back over to you, larry. larry: thanks, jimmy. staywarning drivers to safe on the roads in northern virginia. they've had crews out on a long treating the pavement after last night's rain and snow mix. but road temperatures are still so they want you to take it slow on ramps and bridges. autria: many americans are digging themselves out after a day of snow in the northeast. as much as 19 inches fell yesterday from philadelphia to new england. the white out conditions forced schos
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thousands of flight cancellations. a tractor trailer turned over in new york. people were told to stay home, but for one mother, that was not an option. screaming, i was telling them to hurry up, and i thought the baby was coming in the car. autria: both mom and her new baby are find this morning. turned to icesh on the roads across the northeast. officials are warning drivers to be careful as they begin their morning commute. inry: a terrifying situation virginia beach after a truck trailer has died after his tractor-trailer blew off the chesapeake bay bridge. this was yesterday afternoon. the driver was seen standing on top of the vehicle in the water. a navy helicopter responded and rescued the driver, but he died. winds were above 40 miles an hour at the time, but officials have not said just yet if those wins played a role in the accident. d.c.'s eagle
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today is the day that the eagle family in the national arboretum, known as mr. president and the first lady, could soon welcome a new egg to the nest. experts say this year's eggs could come anytime between today and valentine's day. larry: a word of caution as you plan for a romantic valentine's day date, especially if you met your date through an online dating service. 7 on your side brings you the story of some online dating disasters, and we bring you tips . we talked to a dating coach. a date got mad when she pushed their meeting back by a half hour. >> i think, like, are we five? are you trying to push me in the there is this new thing, which is the worst, where people are really mean to someone in the hopes that they will like them because of it. then he starts repeating me,
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meet you," "hi, nice to meet you," "i would like to order a scotch," "i would like to order a scotch," seriously? larry: all right, and it is so news on wjla at -- abc 7 at 11:00. autria: we are giving way more cupid cash, $100 for color number 70. . winner every morning, and today it could be you. there is another $100 on monday him and on tuesday in 06:00 hour of "good morning washington." larry: all right. very nice. here we go. autria: 6:19. let's get a check of your forecast with v.j. veronica: the next weather maker for us will be some warm air that will be surging income of the first part of the weekend, and thence him showers that will come with a cold
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first because imagine if it was so cold that numbers were low across our area. the system on sunday would be bringing all snow through the area, but we have not been able to do it yet this season. it has been a season with a lack of snowfall and a whole lot of up and down with our temperatures are out this is an already. to 24 degrees, wind chill's this morning in the teens across the area. we are starting out cold. we are starting out just like yesterday with everything you had on, you put it right back on for today. sunglasses, too. our best chance of seeing the brighter sky will be right here, morning hours through lunchtime, and the afternoon will be more clouds moving in. we will get up to 40 degrees for today, then another 20 degrees higher for tomorrow. 62 at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we bring it down to the lower 50's by
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evening, a very nice evening. temperatures running well above average. tracking that race to sunday come as mentioned, you can see the showers here, hagerstown, winchester, woodstock, coming eastbound by 2:00 in the afternoon. it will get a little wet across the area. not a washout, but definitely wet across the area. germantown, d.c., walters, fredericksburg, all seeing scattered showers. this area of wet weather will move quickly eastward so that by 5:00, most of that range should be making its way right on out of here. weekly route for early monday, -- we clear out for early monday, then another round for the early part of the week. as far as rainfall for sunday, you will not need the big umbrella at all. just a little umbrella. we are expecting 1/10 of an inch of rain or less. look at this, monday or tuesday of next week, 51 degrees on tuesday, valentine's day, we warm up again. it is cold
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warm up. we will take a look at the forecast, julie, in 10 minutes, wary, yes, we are cold, and maybe a look at snow after wednesday. julie: ok. right now on the capital beltway, not only the roads but the rails, we have delays. the orange line now single tracking between cheverly and stadium-armory. this is due to a disabled train outside of cheverly, so more time needed this morning on the orange line. johnse fire where we find gonzalez, the house fire activity closing a portion of maryland avenue between 6th street and 8th street, so again, that is blocked off at maryland avenue. the beltway at 210 trying to get bed,s the bridge, not to -- not too busy, only a successor minute to me. kenilworth avenue coming from eastern, all lanes are open heading southbound. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes where we will update the ride. larry:
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>> the following segment is sponsored by liberty mountain resort. from libertyng mountain where winter has arrived, and winter is here. if you are at home right now, i want you to imagine this -- if it has been snowing in your backyard for the past 24 hours, how much snow do you think you would have in your backyard? it would be a lot of snow, and you probably would not be leaving for work today. that is how much snow they have a liberty mountain because they have been making snow for 24 hours. this is ron. it has been a long night, but you are excited about the cold temperatures. ron: that is what it is all about for a spirit we like to do the best things we can for our guests. kimberly
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>> now, "good morning washington ," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: breaking right now -- firefighters encounter huge flames in northeast washington. we know three people are hurt, two of them in critical condition right now, and one firefighter injured as well. we are live on the scene as emergency crews were to put the flames out. first, you are waking up to wind chill's in the teens, and in some places, the single digits. we go to veronica johnson for the latest on this chilly start our weekend. veronica: we have just enough wind with these very low temperatures, very cold air that of course moved in yesterday at just about this time.
6:31 am
edge of the cold air. temperatures through virginia, herndon, falls church, burke all coming in at 20, 22 degrees. over to maryland, bully, largo, edgewater all at about 22 degrees right now. so it is cold throughout the area. we will get just above freezing above lunchtime today. look at the sunshine, the clouds for late in the day. we will see cloud cover moving in, but it will stay dry. less wind, more clouds for today. have aekend, we will mixture of clouds and sunshine, but check out the temperatures -- 62 on saturday, 67 degrees on sunday with at least a 60% chance of showers coming through mainly during the afternoon hours. the best chances 3:00 up until 7:00. cold air moves in on valentine's day. we will look at that in a moment, but for now, we toss it out to meteorologist eileen whelan. eileen: veronic
6:32 am
county at the metro station at new carrollton. we brought out storm trak 7 to let you know how cold it is as you're stepping outside your front door. let me tell you, it is a heavy parka, hat, gloves kind of morning. i tapped into our weather instrumentation. our temperature here is 25. if i can offer you one bit of good news, it is that the winds are slowly starting to die downturn way of a feels-like temperature of 25. we have been out here all morning long here. to get into the metro station, and i'm sure, julie wright, bundling up, turning on the heat full blast in the car, right? julie: absolutely, which is what you should do. now get back in that truck and get warm. on the capital belly, your lanes are open each way on the wilson bridge, but in virginia, east of manassas, old yates road shut down near henderson road because of a crash. police fire and rescue are on the scene, so keep that in mind.
6:33 am
the house fire that closes maryland avenue between 6th street and 8th street in northeast. john gonzalez is live in will be back shortly with another update. on the beltway on 210, leaving oxon hill, better-than-expected. six minutes tried to get across the wilson bridge. this, the orange line morning single tracking between cheverly and stadium-armory due to a disabled train outside of cheverly. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes to update your writhing on the roads and the rails. larry: thank you. you mentioned the road closure in northeast at maryland avenue because of the house fire. john gonzalez is on the scene and has the latest. john? larry, the assistant fire chief here on the scene telling us this was a tough one to fight. they actually had to call in extra firefighters -- 70 of them on the scene. you can see maryland avenue completely closed off. this is the home. the latter is still up. they
6:34 am
fire, smoldering a bit. you can see all the windows shattered, the home was significant damage. three people, we understand, were injured. three people inside the home at the time, two males. one man found in the front yard. the other was trapped in the basement, and that is where fire investigators believe this fire started, in the basement of this rowhouse here on capitol hill. the two men rushed to the hospital, both at this hour in critical condition. a female inside suffered minor injuries, and a firefighter also suffering minor injuries. he was also transported to the hospital. the two men in critical condition, suffering from smoke and elation and burns. we are told the assistant fire chief, robert callahan, spoke to us just minutes ago. take a listen. mr. callahan: our firefighters were able to remove a total of three victims, one from the basement, two from the third floor. two of
6:35 am
transferred to area hospitals in critical condition, one in minor condition. we have one firefighter being treated now. a look, this is our photo taken by the fire department here. this is what firefighters encountered when they arrived. take a look at that, dramatic photos with flames shooting out of the front door of this home theater again, fire investigators believe it started in the basement and rushed to the top of the house come out of the roof. when we arrived come a lot of smoke coming out of that roof. again, two men in critical condition at this hour. back to you inside. autria: thank you, johnny. president trump is facing another hurdle against his executive order on immigration. yesterday, the ninth circuit court of appeals refused to reinstate his ban on travelers from predominantly muslim seven nations. government lawyers are scribbling to figure out there next move to you will hear the latest coming up in about 10 minutes. there is a lot to follow in this
6:36 am
with us on a right here and on larry: talk about a tough night on the court -- you have got to see this video. you should know upfront everyone is ok. it starts with this, a cheerleader going down on the aurt, falling during stunt. she has became carried off, then a guy carrying her slips on a bag and dropped her again. oh! this was at a game last night at ucla. by the way, everyone, the good news is, is ok. goodness. dangerous times for cheerleaders. autria: oh, my word. enjoyedders, i hope you the break because safetrack is back.
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veronica: it is going to be cold and windy being when the sun comes up, which will be others of what this morning. some clouds -- we will have just a few overhead. winds stillg the whipping out there this morning, enough wind to bring down the wi
6:40 am
teens. low-to-mid 20's for temperatures. by 10:00 a.m. through 11:00 this morning, we will be on the other side of freezing. les went for the afternoon hours but more clouds. in fact, 2:00, here is the cloud cover moving in and pushing up to about 40 degrees for a high temperature. weekend impacts -- this will be a great weekend for hiking. you have got the green light. we are somewhere in between for skiing. while today is cold, this weekend, we want to 60, maybe even over 70 degrees in some locations. slushy for some ski resorts on sunday. for car washing, wait until next friday because we see rain move through every couple of days. for sunday, rain falling now it again through 2:00. 67 degrees on sunday. look at this, even know it will be cold again on monday, valentine's day, 51 degrees for a
6:41 am
julie, it is looking dry, so where are you headed? julie: if it is up to me, somewhere south where temperatures are about 30 to 40 degrees warmer. around the capital bell morning, not too busy. vendor many -- fender bender 123. sky track 7 is hovering above vienna, coming into fair oaks above the capital beltway. the lanes appear to be open. no incidents to report this time. fair oaks mall oaks, all lanes are open, you are still at speed. eastbound traveling between manassas and the capital beltway easement along 66. back over to the map, we want to update the ride elsewhere. virginia road, henderson road for the crash, police and fire rescue are on the scene for that. northeast, maryland avenue tied up between six treat and 8th street in northeast because of a house fire. john gonzalez is live, and he will be back shortly with another update.
6:42 am
delays either direction because of a disabled train outside of chevrolet -- of. chevrolet that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes with an update on the road and rails. larry, over to you. larry: what happened that ended with this passenger jet on suzanne: and in arlington school and some widespread illness it i am suzanne kennedy. i will explain what is going on when "good morning washington" returns. sam: plus, education secretary betsy devos will be a local news story today, but there will be a lot of peopl
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y29koy y5yy creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the
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cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. autria: 6:45 and breaking in new york city, take a look at this -- a photo of a plane's injuring bursting into flames overnight on the runway at jfk. investigators are trying to figure at what happened. the argentina airlines flight was about to take off 4.0 cyrus -- 4.0 series -- buenos
6:46 am
hurt. larry: the senate confirming another member of president trump's cabinet. autria: jummy olabanji following is from the live desk. onmy: another busy night capitol hill after 2:00 this morning when many of us were sleeping, senators confirmed tom price as the next secretary of health and human services. the 52-47 approval came on a strictly partyline vote. republicans approved price because he has plans to repeal obamacare, a major reason he was democrats. he also proposed a voucher system for medicare. another vote for treasury secretary steve mnuchin. that pass. the full vote to officially confirm him will head to the full senate floor. we will keep you updated as that develops. autria: this morning, 7 on your side with your health alert. t homesick. sien larry:
6:47 am
with more. suzanne: just about two hours away from school starting here at the south arlington location, and i can tell you they will pretty much be doubling down on things like hand soap and antibacterial wipes, all of this in an effort to avoid becoming sick. about 100 students were out of school on wednesday, all of them with a gastrointestinal illness. letters have been sent home with parents along with a link to the cdc information page on norovirus. parents were advised to make sure children wash their hands for more than 20 seconds and keep their children home from school for 24 hours after they stopped experiencing symptoms. norovirus is more common in the winter because people are congregating in close quarters like classrooms and cheering their germs. the good news is the symptoms subside in about two days to three days. authorities at the school tell me they are disinfecting surfaces in every classroom after school in de
6:48 am
-- the illness. the best advice, whether your child is in this school or any area that is expressing these symptoms, keep them home. reporting live in arlington, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." thanks. education secretary betsy devos preparing to visit a middle school and southwest d.c. autria: when she gets there, she will find plenty of teachers, parents, and students who plan to greet her with a message. sam sweeney is live with the details. sam: this comes one day after betsy devos was at howard university. today, she will be a jefferson middle school academy here in southwest, and while she is inside, there will be a large group outside. a group organized on facebook last night in conjunction with the washington teachers union, and they say while they are hoping betsy devos is successful, they want her to hear their message. they say if she is successful, and in public schools will be successful, and that really is a win for everybody. the participants
6:49 am
know that they support free public schools and equal educational opportunities for all children. they are not calling this a protest but a vigil. again, they want everyone to be out here with a peaceful message and to welcome betsy devos to this middle school as she gets the message that the teachers here in d.c. have to give her. reporting live in southwest, i am sam sweeney. back to you. autria: students at several high schools in loudoun county are scheduling a walkout to protest president trump's immigration ban. they have discussed a walkout with school officials, and students who walkout will be marked as party or absent, but they will not face suspension or serious penalty. the ninth u.s.y, circuit court of appeals rejected the government or the claim of presidential authority and refused to reinstate mr. trump's temporary ban on travelers from seven predominantly muslim nations. trump
6:50 am
all caps saying "see you in court." pres. trump: it is a decision that we will win, in my opinion, very easily. remainshe supreme court short-handed and could be deadlocked. a 4-4 tie. autria: people turning out, demanding an ethics investigation into president trump. >> do your job. >> do your job. autria: crowds packed a utah high school, demanding congressman jason chaffetz, chair of the ethics committee, take a look at the president's ties with his businesses. so many people showed up, the school had to close its doors because of a potential fire hazard. chafe at said the president was exempt from conflict of interest laws. larry: a whole foods shut down this morning. the health department ordering the store on wisconsin avenue two close because it failed to get rid of
6:51 am
store will reopen. autria: let's get back to the breaking news in northeast d.c. larry: a house on fire, three people hurt. john gonzalez is live and has an update for us. john? john: we still have 70 firefighters on maryland avenue on capitol hill on the northeast side. there was misinformation given earlier. confirmation by dubya cannon, the d.c. fire spokesperson, he says in people taken to the hospital, to firefighters now transported to the hospital as well. this is the home that caught fire shortly before 5:00 this morning. we are told that when arrived, one man found unconscious lying in the front yard of the home. he was rushed to the hospital. he is now in critical condition. a female was found in the basement of the home where this fire started. she was taken out. minor injuries -- i am sorry, she
6:52 am
injuries. that was the confusion here. there was another man who did not suffer any injuries. because of this still under investigation, but fire investigators believe it started in the basement of the home. a man and a woman in critical condition, and to firefighters now transported. back to inside. larry: all right, john reporting from glover park in northeast. we are doing this today, doing this today, trying to stay warm. i usually tell my kids to think warm thoughts. warm and sunny. once again, our temperatures are going to shoot way up. we are not just talking about a warm-up, we we're talking but a significant warm up for the weekend. we start by showing you this snapshot of the next 10 days, way up for saturday and sunday. sunday, 67 andnd 65 yet again. in between, we are dealing with the temperatures running
6:53 am
the first part of next week. this morning, again, cold. look at the top of the day, 26. recess time, 47 coming close to 40 degrees for the afternoon with an increase in clouds. at least the wind will be diminishing. again, our weekend right now, way up, close to 70 degrees. some neighborhoods, in fact, on sunday may touch 72 to 74 degrees. next weekend, 57 to 55 degrees. right now, next weekend is looking dry. monday and tuesday, valentine's day, right now, 51 and drive. : monday, 47 degrees. i want to show you this, and that is the window for early monday morning, once again -- wind for early monday morning, once again gusting up to 40 miles an hour, perhaps close to areas.s in some there may be a wind advisory issue. midweek, 47
6:54 am
temperature, and then a possibility on thursday, julie, next thursday with a high of 40 degrees, we could have snow mixed with rain. larry, how many days are pitchers and catchers reporting -- larry: next week. julie: i knew it was coming up because that means the boys of summer. on the roads right now, not too bad at all. traveling at virginia coming inbound off of 95 and 395, but east of manassas norton\/\ -- near henderson road, we have police on the scene, directing traffic during checkout the right near 123. we had a fender bender in this area. it is now out of the roadway. back over to the mass, and we will update the right thing again heading into northeast, the trouble spot is going to be a long maryland avenue. that a shutdown between six street and 8th street in northeast. the orange line, even thought
6:55 am
is not single tracking anymore, we have delays in each direction because of a disabled train outside of chevrolet. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes, and i will update your right on 270. autria: alec baldwin is hosting "saturday night live" this weekend and setting records in the process. kidd o'shea got to sit down and talk with the actor. kidd: this weekend, alec baldwin will host "saturday night live" for a record 17th time. his impersonation of donald trump has been behind the recent ratings uptick, but you may be surprised by what he takes home. article thatecent everybody was price you only get paid $1400, and people were shocked by that. is my friend. when you host "saturday night live," you are not paid an exorbitant amount of money, either. the "saturday night live" production matrix works because it is largely promotional for people coming on. no
6:56 am
i do not think the show would survive if everybody got a big fee. gotorne would remind me, i a modest amount of money on the show, but an untold amount in publicity. he is right. kidd: if you are wondering when writers give alec's final line -- alec: they are grinding it out just before they open the show, so much to people's consternation, i'm getting notes and 's to the wire. it is incredible -- and new lines to the wire. it is incredible. autria: that is a record -- 17 times. now to sign for your 60-second express. president trump vowing to fight on after courts refusing to reinstate his travel ban. pres. trump: it is a decision we will win. >> we have seen him in court twice, and we are 2-2. >> go buy ivanka's stuff. >>
6:57 am
still with swiftly. >> she has been counseled on that subject. sam: at jefferson middle school academy, they will be here at about 9:00 this morning. they call it a vigil, not a protest. they say they are here to support betsy devos, but they support public schools. injured, rushed to the hospital, 55 firefighters rushed to the scene on maryland avenue. this is a capitol hill neighborhood. about 80 students have gotten sick with a gastrointestinal disease. symptoms subside in about two days to three days. >> bullseye! seals the deal.
6:58 am
z29kwz zstz y29kwy ysty
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. president trump vows to fight back after judges deny his travel ban appeal in a unanimous decision. >> it's a political decision. we look forward to seeing them in court. >> two of his top white house aides under fire. >> go buy ivanka's stuff. >> kellyanne conway crossing the line by promoting ivanka's fashion brand and the national security adviser, did he break the law in post-election talks with russia. a major terror arrest in france. four people detained in a raid including a 16-year-old girl. accused of plotting a bombing. was a major tourist site their target? what they discovered in their home days after that attack at the louvre. the big chill. temperatures plunge overnight for millions of americans in the northeast. the deep freez


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